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JM Miana
Image by me

Everyone is like a book with a story to tell. Through our existence, we also write together the story of this world full of stories. And here is mine:

My name is Jose. I’m a Spaniard with a strong curiosity for everything. I have been this way since I can remember — since when I jumped off my cradle to see what would happen.

I write about several things, like health and fitness, psychology, self-development (do not mistake it with self-help), psychology, and sometimes politics. Now I also do a lot of humor; It was to be expected.

Don’t expect…


What does that mean for my LinkedIn?

A Porsche 911, a laptop, and me.
A Porsche 911, a laptop, and me.
Image by the author, base image by Toby Parsons on Pixabay

I hesitated to update my LinkedIn profile because my professional career has changed in the last year.

I was working as a car mechanic before the pandemic, and I made extra translating texts in my free time. Most of my professional reputation came from the car mechanic business until I grew bored with the industry and its drawbacks, and I became a full-time translator.

When Covid became 2020's greatest hit, I had the chance to perfect my new trade by translating several novels into Spanish while learning from my experience and taking every course I could.


Spanish online communities joined to help a kid become a YouTuber

Tomiii 11
Tomiii 11
Source: El Universal

YouTube’s Spanish community has seen something beautiful in the last weeks, and it has been the raise to fame of a kid who at the time of writing this piece has reached 7.34 million subscribers.

Tomiii 11 (Tomás) is a sick Chilean 11-year-old kid who loves animals, cartoons, Chubis (which are like Smarties) and video games. He started his channel to fight boredom and inaugurated it with a video titled “Test Clip” in Spanish, where he appears dancing and singing.

On his videos, he talks about his everyday experiences like the time he went to the hospital, or the time…


JM was writing on his cellphone while breaking the rules

Photo by Andrew Mantarro on Unsplash

JM was considering what to do with his writing. He had new ideas he wanted to test soon and would give him some money outside the usual paradigm.

Most writing advice discouraged doing things like tapping a short story on your cellphone while waiting for your yoga class. And emojis were forbidden 🤷🏻.

His first rebellion had been to unfollow Tim Denning and every other influencer except Zulie Rane. Hey Zulie, if you are reading this, respect ✌🏻.

When he thought of the authors he admired since he was a kid, he reminded how the best where the ones that…


A short story for a solitary night

Wet street at night.
Wet street at night.
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

The stranger had been waiting more than an hour under the rain; He was facing toward Amy’s window.

Her sixth sense was tingling. Who was he? What did he want?

He kept standing there and pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his long coat and lit one. Still staring at the window through the rain. He had all the time in the world to focus on his task, and this was a simple job.

Amy kept looking outside, trying to remain calm. She considered calling the police and telling them about the stalker on the other side of the…


It wants to control my writing and insert what he wants

An Evil Genius keyboard.
An Evil Genius keyboard.
Photo by the author

We picture Monsters as shady guys with creepy stares hiding in the dark; Slashing their victims and deleting them from existence. But nothing prepares us to face our real enemy at writing.

The keyboard.

That bastard is the key to many writing mistakes. It is the one to blame for most of our capital mistakes when we write, and it gives space to criticism towards our work, making us rush to suppress it in the shortest period.

It makes us lose control over our emotions; it makes us wish to dash through the windows and end in a comma. …

Silence is worth gold. And you should value it more. It allows you to save your energy for better things than useless noise. And it’s good for your health. I…

Essay Contest

Incite Change Essay Contest #1: Poverty

Homeless man in Greece.
Homeless man in Greece.
Image by the author. Using the work of Jonathan Kho and Jeevan Jose on Unsplash

My parents have never been good with money.

Years ago, they spent too much money to show off. So; since I was a kid, I had to learn how to make the most of the very little that reached me. Things like fixing my own clothes, or making my things last longer.

When the 2008 crisis arrived; their awful lifestyle didn’t combine well with it, and we lost everything.

We ended up living for two months in a camping place. Lucky for me, it was the summer of 2010, and I managed it well.


You just need the right hook

Writer’s desk with a laptop and a handome boy’s portrait.
Writer’s desk with a laptop and a handome boy’s portrait.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

When some months ago I began writing more, I did not expect to make a living from it.

My plan was to use my writing to prove my English writing skills to get more translation jobs. So making $10,000 was not on my plans. I did not even think about making $8 a month. But I made $8 in my second month and so I kept pressing to earn $10,000 per month until I reached my goals.

Part of the merit for this piece belongs to my friend Ricardo; He talked me into sharing my method with you.

To make…

The stars shined in the depth of the sky. It was a chill summer night and the full moon illuminated the surrounding mountains.

JM laid on the grass while listening…

JM Miana

I write a lot about cars, philosophy, and revolution. Send your tips, commissions, or insults vía Vocal or Ko-Fi:

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