Arizona Tea Became the Most Famous Iced Tea Brand by Cutting in Advertising

Jose Manuel Miana
3 min readNov 5, 2020
Arizona Big Can
Illustration under permission of Arizona Iced Tea

We usually see advertising as a vital part of the business for those who want to sell a product. It becomes almost unthinkable to make a brand famous without lots of investment on TV commercials, ads on social media and such.

That’s why I’m going to talk about Arizona Tea, the least publicized brand in the world. And no, I’m not receiving any money from them by writing this, it would be the opposite of what they do.

Arizona Tea

A few years ago, when I was broke, I was walking through a local supermarkets’ aisles looking for something cheap to drink when I found Arizona tea. The bottle looked nice — I think it was green tea, and it was cheap enough for me, and relatively big, so I tried it.

It tasted good, and after spending the afternoon sitting on a bench and drinking with my friends, I completely forgot of the brand for some days.

But in the following months, each time I went to any local supermarket, I started noticing the brand here and there. It was quickly closing the gap with Nestea, the most famous iced tea in Spain, and eventually, it surpassed it. After some months, everyone in my hometown was familiar with the Arizona brand.

Without running a single ad on TV.

No Marketing as a Marketing Strategy

Years ago, just one gallon of regular gasoline cost only $1.20. Today, that price has nearly tripled! Fuel prices, among other items, continue to skyrocket in price. Walk in to any service station and see for yourself. But there is one item you can rely on, that is Arizona®.

Marketing takes lots of time and money to develop; you need to hire a marketing team, and they need a lot of time to come with ideas for the advertising, which then you must adapt to the different countries you might want to sell in.

And to that vast amount of time and money, you must add the cost for running your advertising each time, which means more money.

That enormous money cost means that you have to raise the selling price of your product if you don’t want to lose money, meaning that your…

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