The Importance of Words

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When you want to sell something, you want to deliver your message in a clear and compelling way.

That’s why you hire a Copywriter, or, why you create a compelling text if you’re a good writer. So at this point, we can agree that creating high-quality content is what counts when you’re going to sell.

Yet, sometimes it might be tempting to save some money when publishing that same content in different countries.
After all, the content is already created and probably it will be easily and nicely translated for free, right?

Actually, not. Let me explain.

Machine Translation engines such as Google Translate have improved a lot over the years.

I can remember how as a teenager, I used to laugh at the results of its Spanish translations as it often failed miserably at it.

Nowadays things have changed.

With the development of technology, neural networks have improved a lot, and now you can get decent translations in general fields by using Google Translate and similar engines, at least in the English to Spanish language pair.

But there’s still a little thing called context.

Context changes everything, as we like to say in Spain:

Spanish is a wonderful language; you can start a fight with a “look, champ” and greet a friend with a “son of a bitch”.

Machine translation can’t understand the context of a sentence yet.
That leaves open an enormous door to some mistakes that could lead to money loses.

Relying only on MT to translate your project is the wrong way to do it. Photo courtesy of

Loses that could have been avoided by hiring a decent translator, as sometimes those translations lose their original meaning.

And trust me, you don’t want to find that your beautifully designed shop has been insulting your potential clients two weeks after it was published.

It’s not the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last that I see or have to correct a horrible translation done just with a translation engine.

Of course, there’s another possibility and that would be Machine Translation Post Editing. But I’m going to leave this one for another post.



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