You’re Not as Good as You Believe You Are

But will get to be better

Jose Manuel Miana
2 min readSep 23, 2020


I’ve just been writing seriously for two months, and I’ve already found a ton of mistakes on my articles, most of them, on their titles. So, cool! It means that I’m improving.

Writing is like anything else in life: You must dare first, and keep improving later.

If you don’t start, well, everything ends without finding out what would have happened.

And if you don’t improve you become stagnant, this usually happens when your stupid ego manages to trick you into believing that you’re always perfect and right.

The ego is like following politics on Twitter: it’s better served in small doses.

Of course, the ego is a way more extensive topic, but it wouldn’t fit here, I’ll expand it on another article.

Going back to the writing example, this was one of my first articles ever on my blog:

When I originally wrote it I thought, “fuck, I’m the best.”

Today I’ve been revising it, correcting a ton of formatting errors, also, I’ve realized that I would (and probably will) change some things.

I honestly thought that it was a brilliant article, and even if I still believe in what I wrote, I would change a million things, the idea was brilliant but could be more developed, which will happen soon.

When you’re open to failure when you accept the possibility of screwing things, you become conscious of yourself, and that way, you get to better see things as they are, without any filters, and will gradually get better.

In some months time, I’ll be correcting this same article while thinking, “Shit I couldn’t be this retarded.”

And those will be the best possible news because it will mean that I’ll have kept improving.

Going on it’s key for improving, it’s a never-ending path that progressively makes us better, but must be done on a daily basis, because life it’s not like 80s movies, where the hero could learn karate in a two-minute montage.

Being good at something takes a lot of practice, mastering something takes a life.

So keep going, allow yourself to fail, anyway, no one will care, and if they do it’s probably because they lead a boring life.

That’s life, daring to do things, screwing it up and learning from your own mistakes.



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